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Grand Wailea Luau

Grand Wailea Luau

Honua'ula takes us back to a time when the mighty seafaring Polynesians discovered this land of Hawaii, thereafter calling themselves Hawaiian. It touches upon the documented voyages of La'amaikahiki and Moikeha who first came to this sacred island we call Maui, specifically this area named Honua'ula. It speaks of gods and goddesses that watched over these courageous people and how they were able to co-exist and live in harmony.

Pele, the goddess of fire is described as one who came prior to the settlers, paving the way with her lava so there would be land sufficient for the Hawaiian people to live. Lilinoe, the goddess of the mist was said to linger above sending cool rains to nourish the lands.

The mermaid of Maui, Kananaka, swooned near the surfers and tried to capture them for fun. The love story legend of Naulu, the goddess of the clouds could only visit her lover Kanaloa in upon the clouds.

These stories combined create an exciting evening of traditional chant and hula bringing the history of our island home Maui, to life. Hele Mai, come and enjoy the magical enchantment of Honua'ula.

Polynesian stories tell of the spirits and forces present in natural phenomena. Meet the iconic Pele, the goddess of fire and molten lava. Recount the tales of Kananaka, a famous mermaid of Lahaina, a temptress and lure for surfers and watermen alike. Marvel at the theatrics and mythology of the cloud goddess and goddess of the mist. Be delighted by the aerial routine and fire dancers incorporated into the show.

There is no better way to spend your South side evening than taking in dinner and a show at this remarkable Wailea luau.


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  1. The Honua’ula Luau - Grand Wailea

    Available Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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    Grand Wailea

    3850 Wailea Alanui, Wailea

    Recommended For All Ages

    The Honua’ula Luau at the Grand Wailea is the finest luau on the island of Maui. A secluded, romantic, oceanfront paradise setting in Makena, with spectacular sunset views, all-you-can-eat buffet and the best in entertainment befitting the most discerning guests. The show begins with some beautiful Tahitian dances as well as some heart pumping numbers performed by the men. See and hear the history of Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti and the Hawaiian Islands. They have three Samoan fire-knife dancers! Unlike some of the other Maui luaus, this luau features many Hawaiian hula and dance numbers. They try to keep a balanced authentic Hawaiian luau feel bringing you one of the better luau shows in Hawaii. Learn More

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