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Te Au Moana Wailea Luau

Te Au Moana, “The Ocean Tide” is a magnificent Maui luau. Ancient islanders reached new lands by sailing large, double-hulled canoes.  These sturdy craft were built completely out of plant material.  The ancient voyagers arrived in these islands by following ocean tides and currents.  They also followed migrating birds, the colors in clouds, and the steady motion of the stars. This incredible voyaging ability and spirit is what links all Polynesians.

Throughout history, Polynesians were well known for their many skills.  They were and are quite talented in fishing, gathering, romance, the making of bark cloth, and the giving of gifts. Through passionate song and dance, this luau celebrates these abilities!  You are invited to enjoy an extraordinary luau experience like no other.

This show is a premier Maui luau. When you arrive on the grounds, you will be welcomed warmly.  Accept the gift of a bright flower lei or a necklace with a fish hook pendant.  Then, make your way to the festivities!  Enjoy flower crafts and cloth making.  Watch hula and listen to storytelling.  Ask questions of Hawaiian artisans.  Finally, savor a delicious feast while you watch the Ocean Tide Show!

Your children can learn a few steps of the hula—the Hawaiian word for “dance.” They will be invited to observe, join, and imitate this sacred and joyful celebration of life and movement. Be captivated by the fire dancing, singing, and chants. Feast beside the waves of the Pacific.  Nourish yourself with foods eaten throughout the islands for thousands of years.

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  1. Te Au Moana Wailea Luau

    Available Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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    Generations of Hawaiians and Polynesians have revered the ocean tide linking all of Oceania. Te Au Moana, shares the ancestral stories of the people of Maui and the Pacific through song and dance; celebrating their intrinsic skills of fishing, gathering, and tapa making (bark cloth) and honoring their love of gift giving and romance, which were vital aspects of their daily lives. Te Au Moana celebrates these lives, and invites you to join us for an extraordinary one of a kind Luau experience. Learn More

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